Maximum velocity evolution barely transcends mediocrity.

The influence Motorsports has on our economy can evolve.
If you would support our region to develop its presence in Motorsports, welcome to this site.

Mission: Building an outstanding commercial activities platform based on constantly evolving both the automobile and motorsports entertainment begining with GT racing. Adding overall value to all motorsports entertainment properties.

Teaching the world automotive carbon fiber designs and construction methodologies industry will carry well into the future. New applications of technologies, beneath race aero modified OEM body designs utilising only mass production line long-blocks or propulsion systems. Commercial activity partnerships with sponsors, motorsports properties and broadcast media building an audience super destination.

Incubation space needed: Join me in collecting pledges of support to incubate Extreme GT into becoming a flagship entertainment value in GT racing, a peer to peer and peer to consumer display arena. Rooted in the constant evolution of automotive technologies, pioneering Industry and refreshing race event / tournament activities transforming the way motorsports entertainment and our sponsor products are brought to you.

What a shame that in the USA Audi cannot even race their innovations in PTs. They belong in GT anyway so we'll have that covered.

Pledge partnership in this large building near VIR. NEED? Data center, shipping hub, manufacturing space, cheap storage in VA / NC?? Name your Price! . . . How about personal use micro-flex space down to 40x40 for keeping your cars near VIR @ $400/mo..

Or currently looking for a partner to purchase a building further south that I found which is much smaller yet with income potential. Its only $350k and we should be able to find a suitable tennant or two to cover overheads.

I know some of you may be interested but apprehensive to back someone elses idea on your own, but there are others interested who seem ready to pledge support and they are willing to speak with others who are also interested. In case you are ready to come to the table to discuss your pledge of support, we would like to hear from you.

Please don't hesitate for further clarification.
Thank you

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Partial business plan, in rough stages.
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GT Racing is the most brand identifiable sport. Making it potentially the largest single contributer to motorsports entertainment, a powerful attraction for advertizing partnerships and automotive developments platform where various manufacturers compete to develop and display their products. Add to that a host of privateers, automakers and industry relevant manufacturers who will feel obligated to parcipitate competing in three classes: factory driver, serious sportsman, purely experimental, exciting event formats and you have the recipe to begin a long standing commercial activities platform.

I understand the vital demographic to be reached at paddock walkthroughs. Sole enthusiasts, manufacturers, shop owners, merchandise distributors and consumers of all types. Imagine three years hence when enough prerecorded Extreme GT tournament games are available free on demand that its popularity with the club's host of advertising partners is about to afford the best media coverage. And that your products have been represented publically and privately, delivered privately and offered publicly since the beginning of Extreme GT. The open step through transporter with the spare Extreme GT car, relaxing atmosphere, comprehensive product support available to make real interactive connections, Extreme GT cars all carbon fiber in construction inclusive of proprietary quick change wheels, uprites and other high tech innovative components supporting your products, while all the while your products making possible Extreme GT. I will pull into the paddock with an all out chic transformable transporter / paddock structure. In paddock mode this low slung solar paneled all carbon fiber construction step through trailervan will lift its sides to the sky to shelter the crowds and provide power to supercaps which chill beverages, power product demos, lighting and free outlets for powering personal devices. Knowing that in transporter mode the supercaps provide power storage for regenerative braking and acceleration completes one of the many vital connections, a pioneer in green. It all has to start with the composing the right equipment, that's where we are right now. So if you have the foresight to accelerate the incubation process and enter at a discount, join us!

Automotive innovations developments platform - continuous peer-to-peer tournament leveraging potentials in motorsport broadcast content - contributing a plus to our region as an economic concern.

The Worlds flagship GT race series controlled by its participants - it's not spec it's EXTREME GT
Materials pledges already in place. Please be in touch if you would be bold enough to help incubate this powerful commercial activities platform.

Incubate Extreme GT while collecting income from a real estate investment. I'll be in FL before the 26th to execute diligence on this upcoming no reserve auction and to bid as your minority partner: Tranzon PDF


A sport driving tutorial. Vol. 1

Amazon Amazon — "So.. You want to drive your car on a road course" Google Books Google Books — "So.. You want to drive your car on a road course" Barnes & Noble iTunes Books — "So.. You want to drive your car on a road course" Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble — "So.. You want to drive your car on a road course"

MADE IN USA Torque Converters

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Contributing to the reduction of automobiles as a tool in someone's actions to commit tragedy thru reckless driving.

Was it passed down to you as being ok?
You don't have to be a bad egg who holds to putting people in unnecessary danger.

Racers don't drive reckless. . . The unspoken creed among racers who know and respect automotive performance. Earn the respect for doing the same.

Automotive advertisements may mislead you to believe by their performance achievements, power and top speed ratings that production cars perform well to race standards and control.

Take your car to the track to get your extreme driving fix. Learn the limits and consequences of automotive performance in the proper environment (the racetrack).

Automotive science - learn it. More information on driving your car on a racetrack:
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Can you identify the manufacturer of this engine?

Repair design by myself and some machine work - Made some valvetrain parts, just a few repairs picture documented here. Hogged some of them out of a bar of Flexor. (Waterjet work by Altona Metal Wks. Little Ferry, NJ) Machine work also by LAW Automotive Performance and Harley Tool and Machine. Wire EDM work by Sofield Mfg. Ridgefield Park, NJ more pics and here too
I cannot muster a more fitting tribute to the automobile than to present an Extreme GT E-Type. One of these eight cats will serve mould plug duty.
The E-Type will pounce again!
Her kill will be antiquating current automotive construction methodologies and materials, more pictures to come.
If you're making an acrylic sign with a glass-bead finish as a specific design element for light transmittance, the job shop talks you into a fine sand-blast and you think you can kill the white color with a light coat of clear, this is what you may end up with. May have worked better if my spray hand was lighter and if I had used a satin clear.
Traction control.
Sucessfully developed modified pre-chamber line pulse diesel systems to operate at higher injection pressures with quieter combustion, while consulting to industry the vision of developing an electronically controlled diesel direct injection on high pressure common rail and clean diesel technology.
Configured exhaust port scrubbers with turbos following.
Early vision of universally acceptable synergy for EV's utilizing lightweight ultra caps and wheel frame motors on low consumption multifuel two component intergrated mains (engine - generator / alternator / starter).
Articulating cable standoff system for a speedway catch fence / highway barrier.
First copies 1979. Various dates and submissions.

We are proud of our sponsors.



77 American LaFrance transport rig

Kenworth cabover engine custom race hauler.

Presentation coming soon.
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Military WWII NOS Guiberson 1020 Radial Diesel engine.
PS. I have a WWII NOS Guiberson 1020 Radial Diesel engine which would be a great addition to Stinson Reliant project as it was the plane in which it's air worthiness cert was obtained. In case you would like to know of this project or an automotive innovations start up project concept of mine, launching Extreme GT, maybe we should talk.
PPS Have always wanted to work on developing an aviation control based on an analog optical signal to the actuator. And a hybrid glider solar charging super-capacitors for operating an electrically driven furling prop. My thoughts on the feasibility of that concept are to offset the weight of equipment with a construction of optimized mass via carbon fiber.
Extreme GT, the automotive innovations start up concept, would become a commercial/innovations activities platform great for our economic region, bound to gain global recognition with many innovations already slated. Early investors in this would have their option of being branded to it's entertainment attraction GT racing series, for its entire life cycle.
Considering how chic for all investors involved, it would be a shame if I were not to secure funding for any projects.
Difficult for some to imagine such great equipment repurposed as tow rigs - Just think off the hook chic shapes, colors, lusters and wait . . Currently on the rock in Manchester Center, VT coming to an auto show magazine spread and race track paddock near you soon.
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Maxim Diamond T Imperial
These three fire trucks are for sale